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Michele Rosenbaum - Artist Statement

My art shop showcases travel prints, graphics and collages.  I love process and am currently opening exploring different ways of working with photography and painting.  Groupings and gallery wall displays for homes have also been a recent endeavor and I am enjoying curating and working with classic art prints.

Conceptually, I love observing what is beyond a boundary and understanding one’s memories. How do memories form us and how do they evolve? What do we do with boundaries? What is the difference when a boundary is self-imposed or imposed upon us? My eternal influences and internal questions helped me develop my first photography projects. I photographed my parents and dove into their old photos and finally got some answers to how I came to be. Their memories were decidedly different and they would not take photos together. So I double exposed my film and did two sessions, thereby “painting” them together. I connected the rawness of the story and went around the boundary in a respectful and powerful approach. From there I have continued to explore this theme in my work through photography self portraits and painting.My work is also inspired by travel, culture and nature. As a former political science major with an emphasis in international relations, my goal at the time was to travel and take pictures. While being able to meet my goal, my images also consider time, space and marginalization. Objects considered odd can be just as interesting to me as architecture that has stood the test of time and shines in the light. I also enjoy using abstract painting in my work and have been influenced by conceptual artists that use graphics and self-portraiture.I also love taking client's photos and working on custom editing to create art for them that is one of a kind. These make great and thoughtful gifts as well as beautiful pieces they can display at home.


Michele Moore Rosenbaum explores the themes of space, memory, boundaries and world travels in her photography and painting. 

She was born in Los Angeles, California, and took her first photography class as a pre-law student at UC Santa Barbara. Thereafter falling in love with the creative process of photography and painting, she added the double major of art to her political science and won the Abrams Prize in Art. Michele also studied at the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture with world renowned artists like Chris Burden and Lari Pittman and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2000.

After developing a successful clothing line and retail shop for over 10 years, she has come back to her roots in art. Michele continues to explore the themes of space, memory, boundaries and world travels in her photography and painting. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her family.

Description of the Work

The work on this forum represents travels, culture and space. There are also some images which capture movement of light and color to sometimes evoke abstract painting and emotion.

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